Attractive Exterior Paint Ideas: General Tips to Choose the Best One

We all can say that there are so many exterior paint ideas we can find out there. After all, carefully choosing the right exterior paint color will help you to boost the look of your home. When choosing the paint color for your home exterior, there are many important considerations you have to take into account. To help you, we have some great tips you will find truly useful and helpful, considering how the exterior color can be influenced by different aspects compared to interior one. Here they are.

If you don’t plan to do a major remodel, take a look at the elements that is most difficult to change, such as stonework, roof shingles, driveways, and pathways—the elements that are most likely to stay in place. Find the undertones between those elements to give you a hint about how the palette is supposed to be—cool or warm? From there, choose one from the exterior paint ideas for homes that can tie those fixed elements together harmoniously.

The architectural era and style of your home provides a great hint about which one of the house exterior paint ideas you should pick. This is to make sure that the exterior paint color you pick will not seem out of place. Luckily, many paint manufacturers provide collections of colors that are historically accurate, which can be used as your guide to pick the right palette. Consulting a professional specializing in this area can also help.

What kind of visual effect you want to achieve from your choice of home exterior paint ideas? Do you want your home to stand out or to recede? Typically, brighter color can help your house to stand out while the darker one can make it look to recede. The next tip is to pick at least three different paint shades: field color that dominates, accent color to bring smaller areas to life, and trim color used for trimwork. Trim color generally strongly contrasts with the field color. Meanwhile, a light field color fits a darker trim and the opposite.

Last but not least, when choosing the perfect exterior paint ideas for you, don’t rely only on paint chips. The way each shade can look on the chip can vary greatly. And since exterior painting is a bigger undertaking than a room painting, you definitely always want to get it right the first time. Hence, it’s always best to paint a quart of paint on a rather hidden area of your home to see how a shade looks in different times of the day.

Description: Exterior paint ideas offer so many inspiring choice of paint color scheme you can use to transform your home exterior and its appearance. Consider these tips to help you choose.



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