Against the Limited Space with Space Saving Furniture IKEA

Space saving furniture IKEA is one solution for those who want to find household items that space-friendly. IKEA is known as one of furniture stores already known for selling quality goods with affordable price. Besides selling furniture, IKEA also provides a range of solutions to various problems surrounding the home decoration including how to arrange the room to be more space-saving along with space saving furniture price.

The first is Lillangen bar cabinet in white with £80. This price includes laundry baskets and handle. This cabinet does not take up much space because of its size which is only 40 x 38 x 179 cm. Besides, the maintenance is also easy. It just needs a wipe with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth and wipe thoroughly wet marks attached so it will not cause moisture. The next is Bekvam stepladder with three steps. It is priced at $39.99. It features a solid wood as durable material and can be folded to save space.

Kitchen cart of Stenstrop is another space saving furniture for small apartment. It has two adjustable shelves in solid oak with grove to store bottles. It also has a durable solid oak countertop that can be sanded as needed. If need a steel shelf, Grundtal is the answer with only spend $9.99. This shelf can be hung on Grundtal rail to save space on the countertop. This steel has a maximum shelf load up to 3 kg so quite freely for putting stuff on top of it.

Bekvam spice racks are also interesting with only $3.99. It is made from solid wood as one durable material. It absolutely saves space on the countertop and can be sanded as needed. To be noted, different fasteners are needed if it is attached to different wall so the make sure that we got a suitable fasteners. We may be needed next is Algot laundry bag in white with frame or casters in the price of $19.99. Not only used as a laundry bag, this item can also be used as a place to store soft toys or scarves.

Shoe cabinet in user-space comes as the next space saving furniture ideas. It features Trones shoe storage cabinet or as one item available. It is only $39.99 per 3 packs. It can hold up to 6 pairs of shoes. It must be attached to the wall. It is also easy to clean since the door can be removed. In addition to shoes, we also store gloves or scarves at this place. All you need are provided in space saving furniture IKEA.

Description: Space saving furniture IKEA provides all you need in case of space-friendly items. More solutions can be solved by purchasing some you need in the store and see the difference.



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