Remember, Designing Women Cast and Now

Designing women cast, where are you now? Maybe some of us still remember an American sitcom which aired in 1986-1993. It has seven seasons with a total of 163 episodes. A glimpse of the story to remind again, designing women tells the story of a group of people consisting of four women and one man who worked at an interior design firm named Sugarbaker & Associates. In the sitcom they share their opinions on women’s issues and other topics.

Casts of Designing Women 1986

This sitcom gained prominence after one actress, Delta Burke, said that they have an unstructured and exhausting working pattern. It leads to conflict then. Julia Sugarbaker acted out by Dixie Carter came as the president of the firm. She portrayed as intelligent, sophisticated, and outspoken person. After the sitcom ended, she had played in Family Law and performed in a show. She died at age 70 of cancer complications.

Then, there is Delta Burke playing as Suzanne Sugarbaker who was an ex-beauty queen. She’s harmless but beloved character. After the controversy over her disagreement with the producer, she again starred in as her own short-lived entitled Delta, a spin-off of Designing Women called Women of the House, and a number of roles in other titles. Next there is Annie Potts acting as Mary Jo Shively who became head designer of the firm is described as a woman who sarcastic and self-deprecating.

After the show ends, she continued his career by playing in Love and War and Any Day Now. She also fills the voice of a Little Bo Peep in the Toy Story movie. She played in the movie remake of Ghostbusters. The next is Jean Smart who plays Charlane Frazier Stillfield. She told as an office manager of the firm who described as awkward and stupid girl countryside. She got her popularity through this show. After that more brilliant career were felt by starring in several hit shows like Frasier and 24.

The last is the only leading man in the Designing of Women, Meshach Taylor. He casts as Anthony Bouvier that is not originally planned as a regular character on the show, but only appeared once in six episodes in season one. Yet, after producers saw he had good chemistry with all four players then it can be decided as the regular cast. After the show, he had starred in several shows and became a co-host in Living Me! Sadly, he died of colorectal cancer in 2014 at age 67. Those are few Designing Women cast.

Description: Designing women cast consist of four women and one man as the main character. See what the difference between the players then and later after the show ends.

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