See the Latest Collection of IKEA Bathroom Vanity

IKEA bathroom vanity provides a variety of models and colors that can be selected in accordance with the wishes and the appropriate price. The latest collection is now more complete in IKEA ranging from IKEA bathroom sink, cabinets, storage, countertops, and more. Godmorgon/ Braviken sink cabinet with two drawers comes as the first item. It is priced at $329.00. It includes handles, strainers, and water-trap. However, the faucet and legs are sold separately. The drawers have a soft close system and it can easily adjust the size by moving its divider.

Another cabinet is Godmorgon/Hagaviken with $179.00. It has two soft close drawers with pull-out stop so we can more easily find the items. It features the faucet that can be customized by rotating the sink. There are seven colors available for this model. It is black-brown, white, light gray, gray high gloss, high gloss white, walnut effect, and white stained oak effect. The next is still Godmorgon sink cabinet with two drawers interesting angular drawers costing $179.00. The faucet is sold separately. The cabinet is made from solid wood which is durable and scratch-resistant melamine foil at the bottom.

Many more Godmorgon series that can be selected as four drawers models in black-brown. It seems that all the types has soft close with pull-out stop system as well as solid wood materials that is used. If we see Fullen / Talleviken sink next bathroom cabinet, we may be interested in small and sweet design. It is priced at $109.99. It features water trap and 1 shelf included. It has one simple cabinet door that is easy to clean and maintain. Only need to use a damp cloth with a mild cleaner and then dry with a clean cloth.

Turn to another model that is Lilliangen sink cabinet one door and two end units. The price is $219.00. It includes towel hanger, soap dish and tray in stainless steel. So it can be used as a place to store a soap dish and tumbler. It is available in white color. The next is Hemnes/Odensvik sink cabinet with 2 drawers. With spending of $249.00, we can bring home this beautiful IKEA bathroom vanity Hemnes. Simple shape and small size are great for those who have small bathrooms.

Talk about the products offered by IKEA seems like endless. Selection of other models is Silveran bathroom vanity sink cabinet with only $89.00. It is perfect for small bathroom. Then, the last is Tyngen sink cabinet with 1 door is also suitable for small bathroom look. The price is also not less than $89.00. Which one is the best IKEA bathroom vanity?

Description: IKEA bathroom vanity offers more complete collection that customer can choose freely. People can select in accordance to what they need and the prices that they wish.

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